antioquia - Colombia
Welcome to AMBI, a story of sea and mountains written with macaw feathers on chagro, yarumo and tobacco leaves.


We recognize and rescue the wisdom of our native Elders of the territory, and their mastery in the art of living.

Pedagogy of experience

We believe in lived experience as pedagogy so that the knowledge acquired becomes practical knowledge.

Regenerative creativity

We are a project in constant evolution, which takes the step from sustainable to regenerative.

Main projects

Our community has a wide range of activities, each of them based on the discovery of the being through the knowledge of Mother Nature. From Ayahuasca retreats to comprehensive learning spaces.

Ayahuasca Retreats

Heal the soul, heal the body, forge the spirit, expand our human potential.
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Forest School

An alternative education to form complete human beings.

Music Medicine

The art of expressing ourselves and healing ourselves through sounds and our voice.
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University for life

Formation of the universal, conscious, sentient and
expansive being.

Our Art

Entrepreneurship created in
Ambi for the world.

Our trajectory

Since 2010 we have been working and benefiting thousands of people with our projects and initiatives.
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+ 125 retreats

+ 3200 attendees

+ 20 Workshops and experiences

+ 10 projects

Inspiring Testimonials

Little stories full of greatness, learning, new ways of seeing life and nature.
“It was an incredible, enlightening and healing experience. I was able to connect again with my inner child to hug her, allow her to enjoy life as she deserves. Now I have a new perspective on life and this would not have been possible without the medicine, the music and the love put into each ceremony.“
Canada - 2023
“The professionalism and humility of the people who share medicine at ambi touched my heart. It is a place I would return to again and again and I would definitely recommend it to everyone around me.”
Austria - Retiro 2023
“I had a profound experience at Ambi. The servers give their whole hearts in each ceremony, creating an atmosphere in which my family and I feel protected and safe. We are left with a feeling of gratitude for the joy we receive in each ceremony. It was a great blessing to share with the Ambi family.”
Guyana - 2023
"Navigating the inner world accompanied by medicine has been a blessing for me and my clients. I thank my Ambi family for their dedication and love."
Colombia - 2023

Ayni / Nuestro arte

Productos creados desde nuestra naturaleza creadora, al servicio de la humanidad y la vida.


We are located in Guarne, municipality of Antioquia, near the city of Medellín, Colombia.
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